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Our company was founded in 1968 and from 1981 until now is active under the present corporate name ANIPSOTIKI S.A. and ANIPSOTIKI TRANSPORTATIONS S.A., carrying out successfully hundreds of works for a wide range of customers (Greek State, State Owned Enterprises, SOEs, Construction Companies, Refineries, Shipyards and Wind Farms). The effective and consistent execution of our works added to our clientele a steadily increasing number of corporations, having their headquarters abroad.

Our experience, in relation to the variety of these diverse projects, and also our capability to provide solutions, as a fundamental element of our professionalism, result in the execution  of our works on the basis of two main parameters, defined by ANIPSOTIKI group in capital letters: SAFETY and ECONOMY.

The fields that our company is active are heavy load lifting, heavy and oversized load transportation, Wind Turbine assembly and maintenance and alternative lifting systems.

Nowadays, our company employs 95 employees in total. Our engineers, operators, drivers and technicians distinguished for their continuous training, all have, without exemption, the necessary expertise to fulfill the demands of our clients.

Our company, giving priority to SAFETY, trains its employees on the risks and safety measures of their activities and provides them with all personal and collective protective equipment established by law and by the risk assessments that have been carried out.

All construction machinery, trucks, trailers and lifting equipment owned by our company are in excellent condition, inspected regularly and always in accordance with the requirements of national and European legislation.

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