Construction – Planning and Supervisory Operations

The company undertakes the complete construction of a windfarm infrastructures.

Having at our disposal staff who is highly experienced in the organization, coordination and supervision of construction of windfarms with total capacity of more than 300 MW, three  150/20 KV substations and one  400/20 kV  substation as well as having undertaken within a 6 year period the implementation of six windfarm construction projects, AIRENERGY has proven to be the most reliable solution in the timely and qualitative construction of a windfarm.

Civil Engineering Projects

AIRENERGY has its own crews of experienced civil engineers and supervisory surveyors who undertake to perform the following operations.

  • Access Roads
  • Internal access roads of Windfarms
  • Construction of Crane Platforms
  • Construction of turbine foundations
  • Construction of control building
  • H/M installation works

Electromechanical operations

AIRENERGY is staffed with experienced electrical engineers and surveyors for the completion of the following operations.

  • Construction of earthing systems
  • Installation and connection of windfarm cables
  • Construction of overhead or underground windfarm connection systems or networks
  • Installation of an electrical control building facility